Fertility Doula Services

For parents in the making.

Your pregnancy journey starts long before that positive test. We’re here for you no matter what fertility obstacles you’re facing.

Struggling with your fertility can feel like a club no one wants to be a part of. But having the right people alongside you can ease the frustration, stress, and isolation.

Have a clear gameplan instead of navigating every part of your journey on your own. We’re here for the confidence, coping skills, and advocacy, as we help you wade through the big decisions ahead.

An incredible option for couples looking to ease the stress around family planning. From TTC, to the first trimester, you’ll always have an expert in your corner.

Fertility Doula Support means you can:

  • Ease the persistent anxiety
  • Look forward to the two-week wait instead of dreading it
  • Lean on each other as you start your family
  • Have those swirling questions answered
  • Gain a clear path forward - fully supported
  • Feel less alone in your journey

Fertility Doula Services FAQ

Q: What does a Fertility Doula actually do?

A: Think of it like having a personal coach to boost your chances when you’re TTC. We’re here to help you chart out a plan, give emotional support, navigate all your options, and ensure you know everything you need to.

Q: Isn’t this just another expense when I’m trying to get pregnant?

A: We’ll admit, having a doula is a luxury. You could do things on your own. But having guidance through the whole process, and always having someone to turn to makes things a lot easier.

 Not doing things alone is a real gift to yourself.

Q: When should I work with a Fertility Doula?

A: Sooner is better, but we’re here to help at any point in your conception journey.

 If you’ve been trying without success (so far!), are looking at fertility options, seeing a specialist, or are TTC after loss, a Fertility Doula will walk with you.

Experience our Doula Difference

CLEbaby Doula Difference

As an agency, we are able to offer consistency and a wide-range of support. You can feel confident in the level of support you will receive, while enjoying the fact that all of our support is purposefully tailored to your unique needs and wishes.

CLEbaby Doula Difference

Our support is truly non-judgmental and unbiased. We are not here to push agendas or make assumptions about the birth you want. We are here to support you and help you create your ideal birth experience.

CLEbaby Doula Difference

We care passionately about Ohio families, and we have a wealth of local knowledge and resources that can help you during this transformative time.

Birth Doula Cleveland

“Just because your path is different doesn’t mean you’re lost.”

Gerard Abrams