Reasons To Hire A Birth Doula

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Birth Doula

If you are an expectant mom preparing to give birth sometime in the next nine months, you probably have ideas for how you’d like your birth to go. 

These preferences have been shaped by the stories you’ve heard, the research you’ve done, and perhaps your own past birth experiences. Maybe these thoughts are new, or perhaps you’ve been imagining the birth of your child for years. 

You probably also know that sometimes our birth plans work out exactly as we had hoped, and sometimes, well, they don’t. Birth can be unpredictable.

However, the greatest determining factor in whether or not a mother would consider her birth experience to be a positive experience, is not how consistent her birth is with the detailed plan she created beforehand, but the level of support she experiences throughout the process. 

This is where hiring a doula can be a huge asset. Doulas are non-medically trained birth professionals that offer support throughout your child’s birth. They work in conjunction with your medical care professionals to achieve a safe, positive, and unforgettable birth experience.

If you are pregnant and planning for your upcoming birth, here are 10 reasons you should hire a doula: 

  1. To Help You Create A Birth Plan

    Before going into labor, it’s a good idea to think about your wishes regarding your labor and birth and to record these preferences in a written birth plan for your doctors and nurses to reference. A doula can help you in creating a plan that doesn’t leave out any important information, such as your opinions on pain management.

  2. To Offer Physical Support During Labor

    Doulas are trained in techniques to help you manage the intensity of labor and to make it as comfortable as possible. Whether she is massaging your back, applying pressure in key places, or helping you shift into more comfortable and productive positions, your doula’s expertise will help you get through each contraction.

  3. To Provide Emotional Support During Birth

    Doulas are known for the calming presence they bring to a birth. With the encouragement, support, and the expert knowledge that comes from attending many births, you will be able to set your mind at ease and focus on what your body needs to do. Having a “birth expert” by your side provides the freedom to trust that when doula says, “You’re doing great and everything is fine” that is truly is fine.

  4. To Create Your Ideal Birth Environment

    Would you prefer dimmed lights? Do you have a playlist of encouraging music you’d like to hear while you labor? Do you want someone to moan along with you? Whatever your environmental birth preferences are, you can rely on your doula to create your ideal birth environment to adjust as needed throughout your labor and birth.

  5. To Help Your Partner Help You

    Birth, particularly that of a first child, can be daunting and scary, not only for the mother herself, but also for her partner. A doula does not replace the support of your partner, but through her expert support and encouragement, equips your partner to support you more effectively.

  6. To Take Care of Your Basic Needs

    In the middle of labor, you’d be surprised how easy it is for BOTH mom and dad to forget important things like drinking water and going to the bathroom. Whether she is holding the water bottle for you in between contractions, or helping you to use the restroom after birth, a doula is able to not only remind you both to take care of these necessities, but is able to assist in the process. Additionally, her presence allows your partner the freedom to run to the restroom or grab a quick snack without leaving you alone.

  7. To Remind You of Your Desires and Wishes

    Your doula will be well versed in your birth plan and is available to help you ensure that your wishes are honored as much as medically possible. This advocacy may come in the form of encouraging you to ask questions, mediating conversations between you and your care providers, or amplifying your questions or concerns.

  8. To Run Errands On Your Behalf

    Do you need some ice chips? Would you like a birthing ball brought to your room? Your doula is available and willing to retrieve whatever it is you might need, allowing your partner to focus totally on you.

  9. To Support In Feeding Your Baby, However You Choose to Do It

    The first feedings post-birth are very important for the health of the baby and bonding between mom and child. However, it’s not always easy whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or combo-feeding. Doulas can provide helpful support as you navigate the first feeding, learn to latch your new little one if you’re breastfeeding, and begin your nutrition journey with your little one.

  10. To Answer Your Questions

    As a result of their extensive training and attendance at other births, doulas are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to having a baby. Whether you have questions during pregnancy, labor or postpartum, your doula is a trusted resource you can reach out to for information and advice. 

Your birth is important. At CLEbaby,  we are dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout the entire process.

Our doulas work hard to get to know each family and offer support tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Click here to find out more about how having the support of a CLEbaby doula can help you achieve a memorable and positive birth experience!

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