Sleep Consulting

Quality sleep can be life-changing.

Sleep Consulting

Quality sleep can be life-changing.

Our sleep trainers work with you to create and implement a sleep plan for your baby that truly works.

Caring for a baby is exhausting, full stop. And when you're not sleeping through the night, everything else seems harder.

Your baby will be sleep-trained following our 72-hour in-home stay, and our ongoing support ensures that your baby is a great sleeper forever. Imagine how your life will change with a well-rested, happy, and healthy family.

Reach out today to begin the path to healthy sleep - for all of you.

You will receive more information about our process and the investment. There is no pressure or obligation to commit. We can't wait to hear from you!

Sleep Training FAQ

Q: We don't live in Ohio. Can you still help us?

A: Yes! We sleep train throughout the entire United States.

Q: How long does sleep training take?

A: Our in-home sleep training program is 3-5 nights, depending on your situation. Following training, your sleep coach will provide coaching calls and unlimited support to overcome any obstacles and establish long-term success.

Q: What's the best age to sleep train?

A: Sleep training is easiest before teething and big developmental leaps, around 12-16 weeks. But we have successfully sleep-trained babies and toddlers up through 3 years old.

Q: Do you utilize the Cry-It-Out method?

A: No, we use the Mommywise method: it's in-home sleep support backed by decades of success. However, we understand from years of experience that in order for babies to sleep independently, there's a learning curve. Your baby is going to learn the skills to put themself back to sleep, which often includes tears in the beginning. Crying is normal for babies; it's the way they communicate a variety of feelings, including frustration in learning something new. Our goal is to make the process as easy as we can for everyone, with as little crying as possible. We have found that many of the "gentle" or "no cry" methods actually lead to more crying in the long run. We know that our approach works quickly and is sustainable. We'll let our client testimonials speak for themselves...

Q: I'm not sure if it's right for us - how do I find out?

A: Start with a complimentary call with a Certified Mommywise Sleep Coach! You'll gain a much greater understanding of whether our sleep training program is right for your family.

Q: Do you work with multiples?

A: Yes! We have a wealth of experience with multiples, though it might necessitate an extra night or two.

Q: We've tried everything! Does it really work?

A: It really does work! Our clients often find us after they've "tried everything." Most have read books on sleep training, and many have already worked with other sleep trainers. We know from experience that being present in real-time to assess, plan, and implement is the key to success.

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Sleep Training Success Story: 5-Month-Old Baby

I don't know if I can put into words how thankful I am for Lauren at CLEbaby but I'm going to try... I came across CLEbaby through a desperate google search when I had run out of things to try...
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Sleep Training Success Story: 7-Month Old Baby

After 7 months of terrible acid reflux and sleepless nights, I couldn’t take it anymore! After one particular night of literally no sleep, I just started google searching baby sleep, baby sleep consultants, baby sleep trainer, etc… I clicked on...
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Sleep Training Success Story: 9-Month Old Baby

After months of contemplating sleep training for my daughter, when she was 9 months old I decided it was time to bite the bullet and I knew I needed extra support so after research I found CLEbaby's sleep training service....
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”Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow.”

Tom Roth