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The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation can be an intimidating and unknown topic for many people. It’s important to understand the positive advantages of encapsulating the placenta before making the decision for yourself. Let’s take a look at both the process and benefits of placenta encapsulation so you can be well-educated before beginning this journey.

How Does Placenta Encapsulation Work?

The process begins by condensing the placenta down to a powder form to be contained in a pill capsule for ingestion. A postpartum placenta specialist will create this powder by draining the placenta thoroughly, steaming the placenta, then slicing and dehydrating the placenta. Then it is ground down until it becomes a fine powder. The final step is to encapsulate the powder into a vitamin capsule.

What are Some Common Misconceptions About Ingesting Placenta?

Many speculate that ingesting the placenta can be harmful not only to you but your baby, however, there is a very straightforward reason why this is not the case. Not only did your placenta provide vital nutrients to your baby while in the womb, but your body developed this placenta from blood vessels that are geared toward defending the body from diseases. The benefits of consuming placenta far outway the possible risks. It’s always important to seek counsel from your doctor though when deciding to begin this process.

What Beneficial Components Does the Placenta Contain?

The placenta is an organ your body developed for the sole purpose of providing nutrients to your baby, as well as fighting against harmful bacteria and diseases. It contains many vital components that not only benefit your baby but can also benefit you. The main nutritional component contained in the placenta is iron. The placenta also contains many vitamins and minerals, such as B12 and B6. In addition, it contains vital hormones including estrogen and progesterone.

How Does Placenta Encapsulation Benefit the Body Postpartum?

During pregnancy and labor, your body has gone through many drastic changes and has dispensed a lot of energy and hormones to bring your child into this world. The vitamins and minerals from the placenta can help with the restoration of your body postpartum. The iron you receive from the placenta helps immensely with growth and regeneration. The hormones can aid in boosting your energy levels and lowering fatigue after labor. It’s a great way to boost your mood and lower the chance of depressive spells. In the same way your placenta nurtured your baby, it can provide you with very similar benefits.

How CLEbaby Can Guide You Through Placenta Encapsultation

At CLEbaby, our placenta encapsulation techniques align with the strictest and most thorough health and safety guidelines.

Our team of placenta specialists are professionally trained in placenta encapsulation and will help guide you through this process in your own home. We will provide every necessary tool for preparation and cleanup. Not only will we leave your space spotless and sanitized, but we will also provide you with the necessary course of action for the consumption of your placenta.

It’s important to remember that in the same way, your placenta nourished your baby during pregnancy, it can also provide nourishment to you. Learn more about our placenta encapsultation services here.

Disclaimer: There is currently no scholarly research regarding the benefits or safety of placenta encapsulation. All of the information above is based on the anecdotal experiences of our clients and others. While our clients have reported benefits from placenta consumption, we are not medical professionals and always encourage those considering placenta consumption to consult their doctors.

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