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Sleep Training Success Story: 5-Month-Old Baby

I don’t know if I can put into words how thankful I am for Lauren at CLEbaby but I’m going to try…

I came across CLEbaby through a desperate google search when I had run out of things to try to get my 5-month-old to sleep without being held. On top of holding her literally all night long, she also cried when she wasn’t being held during the day. I had tried everything I knew to try- advice from friends and family, all of the books, any sleep contraption with promises of sleep miracles. Nothing worked. I was losing my mind.

I contacted CLEbaby and they set up a consultation with sleep coach, Lauren. Lauren told me that she was confident she would have my daughter sleeping 11-12 hours at night alone in her crib after spending 2-3 nights with us. I really didn’t believe it. I was sick of getting my hopes up every time I tried something new but I had to try.

Sleep Training Success

It worked! Lauren spent three days with us and by the time she left, my daughter was sleeping in her crib all night long and during daytime naps. Six weeks later we are still going strong and I’m confident I have the tools moving forward to deal with any hiccups that may occur.

Not only do I feel like a new person being able to sleep through the night but my daughter is like a new baby also. Any guilt that I felt initially about the crying that took place the first few nights is completely gone now that I’m able to see how much happier she is from being fully rested also.

Lauren was awesome. Not only was she a miracle worker with my daughter but she was also a really cool, fun and easygoing person to have stay at our house. Although I felt like I didn’t need her anymore, I didn’t want her to leave. We still comment daily about how getting a sleep coach was the best money we’ve ever spent.

I wouldn’t wish these sleep issues on my worst enemy but if you’re experiencing anything that sounds like what we went through, book it.

– Lexi H.
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