cesarean awareness month

Cesarean Awareness Month

We wanted to take this opportunity to shine a light on Cesarean birth and the life-saving methods surrounding this delivery procedure during Cesarean Awareness Month. We also want to recognize the resilient mothers who have undergone this very difficult procedure. Though the Cesarean Procedure is not the initial approach when giving birth, it has been recorded to save not only the life of the child but the mother’s life as well. 31.2% of children born have been brought into this world through Cesarean birth. 

What is the Cesarean Procedure?

Cesarean delivery is a surgical method that is used typically in emergency situations when natural labor can’t continue. This procedure centers around the surgical incision to the abdomen and uterus, allowing the surgeons to safely deliver the baby. This procedure is not something to be taken lightly. The surgery is fairly invasive and requires a lot of preparation as well as an extensive recovery period.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The surgeon begins by making an abdominal incision, right above the pubic bone. This incision consists of both a vertical and horizontal line. Then an incision is made on the uterine wall. This incision varies based on the position of the baby. Then, once all the incisions are made, the surgeon delivers the baby through both the uterus and abdomen. The remaining steps coincide with the natural delivery process, depending on what your baby needs following the procedure.

Why Do Mothers Have Cesarean Deliveries?

There are many reasons why certain mothers require this type of delivery. Those reasons include, but are not limited to; Labor Dystocia, which is one of the most common causes in need of a cesarean. Others include the baby being in distress, or in an unusual position. Sometimes mothers who are having twins require a Cesarean Procedure in order to safely deliver both of their babies.

How Does the Cesarean Procedure Impact Mothers?

We know there are many reasons a mother may require a cesarean, but what are the results of having this procedure? For one, having this type of delivery can ultimately preserve the lives of both the mother and child involved. There are things to consider when entering into the procedure and you should rely on your provider to help guide you in the right direction, whether it is to have a cesarean or purpose vaginal birth if that is possible. 

What can You do to Raise Cesarean Awareness?

We want to take this month to honor the doctors, mothers, and infants who have taken part in the Cesarean Procedure. These procedures are difficult to undergo, but the result can positively impact the lives of thousands! 

At CLEBaby, our goal is to educate parents about the many approaches to pregnancy, labor, and delivery in order to give them a safe, rewarding experience. We hope you will join us this month in raising awareness for Cesarean birth!

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