5 Sleep Secrets When You’re Traveling With Baby

Isn’t this a glorious time of year?

The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and families are finding themselves on the road more. Pretty soon we’ll be enjoying fireworks, tailgate parties, and long sandy afternoons at the beach.

But being away from home can stir up logistical questions surrounding sleep for those of us with little ones. Our sleep experts are full of great ideas to help keep the babies and young kiddos in your life smiling and snoozing, which makes your family vacation an instant success.

Here are our 5 sleep secrets when traveling with a baby:

  1. Bend before you break. Keep your schedule as much as possible, but remember to have a little flexibility. Do your best to respect their usual naps, but sometimes that means one is a contact nap or on the go. Prioritize bedtime to prevent an overtired little one after a long day of stimulation. And if your kids (or you!) didn’t get enough rest throughout the day, an early bedtime is your saving grace. Calling it an early night is good for everyone.
  1. Create their own space. If they don’t have their own room, get creative! A Slumberpod is your best friend in situations like these. Pop it over your baby’s playpen, and they instantly have their own dark space – even right in the middle of a hotel room! You can also get creative with an en suite bathroom or walk-in closet. But always ensure that there’s nothing baby could pull into their crib, get into, or have fall on them wherever they’re sleeping. Safety always comes before better sleep.

If you’ve got your eyes on a Slumberpod, use code therealclebaby$20 to enjoy $20 off! They’re a game changer for your travels. 

  1. Recreate their home environment. Everyone is more comfortable when things are familiar, and our littles are no exception! Pack their usual white noise, sleep sack, stuffed friend (If they’re 12+ months!), and favorite jammies to create a sense of home on the road.
  1. Keep it dark. Like really dark, if you can. Sleepout curtains are incredible blackout curtains that get the job done when you’re on the move. They have heavy-duty suction cups (that won’t wreck your windows!), they’re lightweight and easily fit in your suitcase. 

To try out this incredible travel companion and get a discount while you’re at it, use this link.

Our other favorite for keeping things nice and dark is (again!) a Slumberpod. Baby enjoys a quality nap, and you enjoy not having to hide in the bathroom until they fall asleep. Everybody wins.

  1. Stick to your routine. Having a dependable routine helps toddlers feel safe, and signals to little ones of all ages that sleep is coming. With all the changes involved with travel, doing their familiar routine helps your child feel secure, settled, and ready for bed. If you always do Bath/Diaper/PJs/Story/White Noise/Bed, keep that same routine no matter where you are, so your child feels comforted and ready to go to bed.

Hit the road and have fun! Don’t let a fear of sleep going off the rails get in the way of the adventures you want to take. Take in those sunsets, make those memories, and spend time with the ones you love. Everyone getting their much-needed rest will be well worth the extra bit of preparation.

Enjoy your trip SO much more when you use our 5 sleep secrets when traveling with a baby.

If sleep feels like a far-off dream, it doesn’t have to! We’re big believers in the importance of pediatric sleep, and we know how to get you there too. Whether you want virtual options, or an in-home visit is more your speed, we’ll guide you to supporting your little one, as they discover their ability to sleep on their own. A well-rested, happy baby means a well-rested, happy mama! Getting in touch with our sleep consultants is the first step to restful nights!

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