Professional support for pregnant and new families in Cleveland, Akron, and the surrounding suburbs. From bringing your baby into this world to helping you all sleep through the night, the specialist birth and postpartum doulas, sleep consultants, and childbirth educators at CLEbaby know the secrets to success.

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When we chat with new parents, one of the greatest challenges we hear about is... SLEEP. Clients often find us after they've tried everything else. Our in-home sleep training service has been called, "the best decision we've ever made," and "worth every penny." Take the first step towards getting your life back and schedule your complimentary call. Our sleep trainers travel nationwide.

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At CLEbaby, we are dedicated to supporting ALL families with respect and understanding.
We embrace the diversity of background, culture, perspectives, and choices, and we honor the uniqueness of each and every family we work with. Social injustices and inequities in the birth and parenting space have existed for as long as people have given birth. It is our commitment to actively work towards a more just, equitable future so that all families can thrive.